fruits and veggies

by Gail

all the books say fruits and veggies. I would like a list of all the good fruits and veggies that I can give to parrotlets, finches, lovebirds and a cockatoo. I also was wondering about dried fruits. Nobody gives the actual lists. Please help. Thank you

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Mar 02, 2009
safe fruits and veggies
by: Anonymous

There is a list of safe and also toxic fruits and veggies on this web site. Click on the non toxic, toxic list on the menue bar to the left. It list just about everything from wood to veggies.

Mar 02, 2009
Safe fruits and veggies for birds list
by: Tracie

I just added a list of safe and unhealthy/toxic fruits and veggies list for birds.

Non Toxic/Toxic for birds list

Mar 02, 2009
Safe and unsafe foods
by: Mary Ann

I tried to send you a list, but it was too long. One of the forums I go to has a wonderful list under "Health, Diet,Nutrition and Diseases" on the web site. Here is the link

Hope this helps.

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