frustrated!! Bird biting

by timmy

I've had timmy bout 2 mnths now.. he's healthy, happy and on a pellet diet like everything ive read. He's basically a jerk. I been trying "step up" but he's either biting my hands n arms or chewing the crap out of gloves.

He will bite my son and he will pull away n ignore him then he will step up for him. He just hates me. He spends most days with me and I need to at least come to some agreement with him somehow. I also don't know his personality seems he screeches when he wants attention but that's all. I talk to him all the time but can't interact physically.

I want to b able to tell him that it would feel good to b pet, n its ok if u go away from your cage.. I dunno.. he's an adult. Can it b changed? Anyone have a sun conure that they got as an adult n able to fix such problems. Or why that if he wants to play n b talked to does he bite.. very frustrated.. so much to try and learn from a bird that I don't know his up bringing.

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Jan 10, 2013
by: MissM

I have a fancy green-cheek conure, so I can't speak to your species, however my sweet little bird is TERRIFIED of gloves. I found this out quite by mistake while wearing garden gloves one day. I do realize the need to wear them though when handling a bird that bites, so I'm not sure what you should do if your bird has the same fear.

At one point, shortly after we got our baby, she went through a period of nipping and it progressed to the point of her biting hard at times. We were able to stop most of this by simply saying "NO" a little loudly. She always stopped in her tracks and now hasn't bitten hard in quite some time. It just takes consistency, I think.

I have to add that the other advice you have received is great advice. I hope this helps.

Jan 09, 2013
frustrated!! Bird biting
by: Linda

B R A V O !!! to the last writer! Thanks so much for your input. It is easy to ruin a bird, and the hard part for the next person is undoing what someone else did.

Use a perch to get your bird in and out of cage instead of gloves. Gloves scare them badly, and a perch will be less threatening. Though you don't want to get bit, biting and parrots goes hand in hand. Not that they bite all the time, but the tamest ones will nail us every once in a while!

Good Luck and I know you will be able to work this out. Birds are simple folks who need a firm, loving teacher. You can also learn as much from your bird as your bird will learn from you.


Jan 08, 2013
Bird biting
by: Tracie

Training does take time, and lots of patience. We have some training materials, and other articles, on our Parrot Training page you might want to read and see if they help.

We found that the person the bird likes the most can train the bird to not bite others. Our biting GC conure article shares how my husband helped our birds not bite me, for instance.

Jan 08, 2013
yep. I got adopted sun conure.
by: Anonymous

well don't take this the wrong way, but lets put it this way. They learn EVERY behaviour from us, humans. EVERY behaviour even the little things we think nothing of & we think we know.

He's not being a jerk, he's displaying learnt behaviour. You need to 'unteach' him. Whether leant from a previous person or from you doesn't matter, it has to be undone & to do that you need to have an understanding of something.

Your frustration & attitude towards him being a jerk will be contributing BIG TIME to his attitude towards you, so you need to first take a step back, clam down, relax & do NOT approach him in a bad or frustrated mood. Something you may not be aware of, they are very capable of reading our faces, expressions & feeling like a book & yes even if you hide our feelings, they can still pick up on them. This is important to know because you can only unteach him his bad behaviours in a better mood. As long as you have this sort of attitude towards him being a jerk, you will not get anywhere.

Good Bird Inc. Google them, amazing website loaded with videos & FAQ's on curbing bad behaviours. This site also teaches the humans how read & understand birds better & to be calmer & more positive. You need to use positive reinforcement only for your bird.

Understanding their moods, body language & using only positive reinforcement I was able to get my sun conures bad habits curbed within 3 months that everyone told me was impossible. And believe me, she was rotten when I got her, but to do this I had to drop the 'she's a jerk' attitude & remind myself it was NOT her fault.

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