Full crop, but thin

by Elizabeth

I have 2 parakeets - one is 1-2 years old and 1 is 4 months old. I got her a couple months ago from a breeder. I was gone on vacation for about 14 days, and just got back yesterday. When I got back, I noticed that the younger one's crop was very full and she was very thin.

At first I thought it was a tumor or something, but went to the vet today and he said it was just a very full crop. He was however concerned about how thin she was. He felt her breastbone and it was I think he said "sharper and pointier" than it was supposed to be.

Ever since I got her, she's been thin, and although she seems a little more tired than usual lately, she's still seeming to do fine...is this anything I should be worried about, or just how she's built? (the other parakeet is filled out and not thin) Is there anything I should be doing? Am I worrying too much?

Additional information: They're both fed a diet of half pellets and half seeds. Droppings are a little green in both of them, but regular otherwise. She's been leaning up against my other bird when she can.

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Feb 03, 2009
Thin baby bird
by: The Vet

This is not normal and being noticeably thin is an indication of an illness. Your veterinarian should perform some diagnostic tests to determine the cause. At least some basic blood work and cultures to begin with.

Dr B

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