Full spectrum light Osram T8 with 8000K

by Asif Arain

How are you.
Now a days we have a winter here in karachi pakistan so i am unable to get sunlight in my balcony,I just wanted to confirm.
If I use full spectrum light from osram's T8 skywhite with (8000K) that should work fine with my birds indoor. I have grey parrot,Alexandrine
And cockatiel.
Please let me know so I can get it tomorrow thank you

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Dec 13, 2012
Full spectrum light Osram T8 with 8000K
by: Linda

I'm not familiar with the Osram light, and we use 24" Nature's Sunlite bulbs here for our birds. We buy the T10 type of bulb that is 20 watts from a place called NaturesSunlite.com. These bulbs replace the VitaLite which is no longer being manufactured. I would recommend a 20 watt, 24" T10 size bulb. We have one over each of our birds' cages. Make sure bulbs are placed high enough to keep birds from being able to get to either the bulb or the cord. These we use have a cord that requires an extension cord so it can plug into a regular 110 wall socket.

So, what I'm getting to here, is you don't want the lights to be so strong the heat burns a bird. The full spectrum lights need to be place high enough above bird's cage so as to not allow access from top of cage or anywhere else.

Talk with whoever is selling the bulbs you are talking about. Find out if they will fit your needs or not because, you do not want a light so powerful that it blinds the birds or creates enough heat to burn them. Turn lights off every night so birds can get up to 12 hours of rest and sleep in darkness and quiet. All birds need this much sleeping time to remain healthy.

thanks for writing,

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