Full Spectrum Lighting

by Lori
(Laurel, Delaware)

Do green cheeked conures require full spectrum lighting? I have read conflicting data. Both Pet's Mart and PetCo only carried the special lighting for reptile type pets and knew nothing of this need for birds. I purchased my 6 month old conure from a specialty bird shop and they did not mention the lighting at all. It was only after I started doing more reading up on birds that I saw where some advised the lighting to help with Vitamin D.

I want to do right by my new baby.....?

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Jan 11, 2013
by: Lori

That is what I was hoping would work....I have already started looking around for the lamp....I am going to order the bulb today!

Thanks again!

Jan 08, 2013
Full spectrum floor lamp
by: Tracie

I suggest you just pick out a floor lamp you love at a store in your area, and save shipping. Then purchase the Vital Lamp bulb at this full spectrum light
The Vital Lamp bulb is a regular screw in bulb, so it will fit any lamp that takes screw in bulbs. (Do check measurements)

Jan 08, 2013
Thank you for your guidance!
by: Lori

Thank you for your responses. I have checked out the ZooMed Aviary floor lamp and have decided to see if I can find a flexible floor lamp that is made out of some sort of metal instead of plastic. With these special light bulbs, I feel a little uneasy about using one with a plastic shade. I want to use a floor lamp because my Zeuss' cage is in our living room which has about 20ft ceilings...does anyone have any recommendations on a reasonably priced floor lamp that is capable of housing these bulbs safely?

Jan 06, 2013
Full spectrum lighting is necessary for birds
by: The Avian Vet

I recommend that you continue to look else ware other than Petco and PetSmart for pet id care advice. No offense, but they are not giving you correct information and I am glad you have contacted me. Full spectrum lighting is important for pet birds in may ways. First it provides the only natural source of vitamin D3. Birds have the precursor in the oil from the preen gland. This oil is spread over the feathers and when it is exposed to UV light, then it is converted to D3. When the bird preens, it ingests this vitamin D3.

Full spectrum light is also important to your birds mental health. Birds see in the UV spectrum, so without UV light, they are essentially color blind. With UV light they are willing to try more varieties of foods, they are more active, they eat better in general, and they tend to have a better attitude over all.

Not to mention they have healthier feathers that are brighter and more colorful.

The light I recommend is the ZooMed AvianSun Lamp with the AvianSun Bulb. It has the highest level of UV-B,and the quality of the UV is the best available. The lamp is a good design and does not typically intimidate birds.

Dr B

Jan 03, 2013
Full Spectrum Lighting
by: Linda

Yes you will absolutely need full spectrum light for your bird. The light coming through windows does not provide full spectrum light and just provides light suitable for some plants but not for flowering plants which also need full spectrum lights.

You can find some floor models here, and there are 24" bulbs for 24" fixtures at http://www.parrot-and-conure-world.com/lamp-over-the-bird-cage.html. I buy these and get two because I have a large divided cage. Try and find the plug in type fixtures because they are easier to use than the ones wired into ceiling. We use extension cord and tape cords coming down to the wall so birds have no access to them. You will need some chain made for hanging light fixtures to hang fixture, and make sure it is high enough above cage so bird has no access to fixture or cord or chain. Ours are about 12" above cage, and you can adjust yours accordingly.

These full spectrum lights help keep your bird healthy year round. If bird becomes too nervous, just use the light a few hours a day and turn off. Also, turn off for bird's 12 hour rest/sleep cycle. Bulbs need to be replaced about every 6 months as they lose their lighting ability and/or stop working.New bulbs tend to "roll" some until they are broken in, so just turn off and back on to reset. This will eventually stop happening as bulb breaks in.

Thanks for writing,

Jan 03, 2013
Parrot Lighting
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I am a parrot owner to a Sun Conure and an Indian Ringneck. I don't have the lighting set up because my birds have great direct access to sun light yet away from drafts and dangerous situations. I angle my cages to where they can move away from the intense sun as they wish so only one section is exposed the other is shaded and comfy. I think that if you were in a situation where you bird was in a closed room, not eating properly, maybe recovering from some health issues I can see the added bonus of having these lights. I did have it in my family years ago but it was used for almost a month and then it was stored. The parrots lived a long healthy life. Diet is very very very important, Set up varies, you can always consider other opinions but this one happens to be mine. Good luck and I do think it is great that you want to give your parrot the very very best! KUDOS!

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