by Mandy

My bird (lovebird) was adopted from our bird club he was very sick when we got him and no one wanted him so my husband and I took him. His nares are huge and have been eaten away from something. We took him to the vet and they said that it looked as though he has fungus in his air sacs he seemed to be better after a round of meds but 1 year later it is back and he is now at the vet fighting for his life. What can I do to help him.Once he gets out?

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May 05, 2010
by: Linda

Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that fungus infections are difficult to get rid of even if they are on the surface of the body. Once in something as sensitive as the air sacs of the lungs it will be touch and go, and the prognosis may not be very good. The meds for treating internal fungus infections is very, very hard on the body, and this is true for humans, and with birds' smaller bodies, quadruple that estimate of how hard it is on his system.

This is obviously a medical situation that was neglected from the beginning, and now you are having to deal with the aftermath of neglect. Since his lungs are compromised, it is very important to keep dust in his immediate environment and the entire house at a minimum. Even this will only go so far in helping.

I suggest you work closely with your Avian vet, and find out what type of fungus this is. Aspergilosis(sp) is a very dangerous fungus which comes from dirty cage and surrounding area. It thrives in dust, dirt and fecal matter and grows exponentially according to how much and how long the mess is left. Your little bird was in trouble way before you took him. If he is found to have this type, the people, where this bird lived before, need to have all their birds checked out for it. Any birds they sell can possibly already be infected. As I said this fungus grows in very unsanitary conditions. FIRST, find out what kind of fungus this is before going any further with your investigation. If this turns out to be Aspergilus(sp), then the environment this bird lived in needs to be checked out by local Humane Society, or whatever animal protection agency is in your area.If they took bird in as a rescue, find out where bird originally came from and have them checked out.

I'm saying ask the right questions first, of the Avian Vet, and then proceed from there according to what vet has to say about it.

I'm SO sorry your little bird is so sick. Talk with vet about prognosis.

For everyone, ALWAYS take new parrots to Avian vet within 24-48 hours of purchase.This way, if bird is found ill and to have been ill at time of purchase, store or breeder is responsible for costs.

Let us know how this goes, as we are here to support you in any way we can, and our prayers are with you and your family.


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