galah behaviour problem

by lisa
(sydney australia)

i found a galah have been through all the lost sites, vets ect decided to keep him/her but the birds behaviour has changed first he was very loving pokes his tongue out coughs and kisses and cuddles...lately he has become very territoral..strutting around he will puff up when you come near him also started attacking and biting your feet...drawing blood..i am now weary of him..why..????????? very confused...

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Nov 17, 2011
Bird biting toes
by: Tracie

Some birds have what we call a honeymoon period, and then they decide they will be top bird if you have not become top bird.

You will need to take control, and not allow the bird to just run around and do what it wants. You especially should not allow the bird on the floor where it can not only bite your feet but chew on something toxic or accidentally get stepped on.

I suggest you Find an Avian Vet to examine the bird to ensure the bird doesn't have any hidden health issues, vaccinated, and get the bird's wings trimmed.

You might wish to read our training articles on our Parrot Training page for help with training your bird to not bite.

Please keep in mind that you DO have to give some room for the bird to have a territory, likes and dislikes. The point of training is developing a relationship with the bird so that you can reward the bird with what it likes and the bird come to see you as the top bird that loves and protects it.

We allow our birds to be territorial of their cage. We don't put our hands in the cage when they are in it. We open the door and let them come out, put them on the bird stand and then mess with the cage. The same with our dog, she has a toy that is HER toy, we don't mess with it.

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