gas bubbles in lorikeet droppings

by kathy

I have a pair of rainbow lorikeets which have been having gas bubbles in their droppings. I have spoken and taken my birds to an avian vet and was told that it is most likely dietry related. He said a blood profile could be done but may be uneccessary since the birds are showing no other symptoms and look really healthy in every other way (good weight and muscle mass, good feather colouring and so on)

I was wondering what sorts of foods will produce this problem and if I should still get a blood test done and if i do, should it be done on both birds?

My lorikeets are eating, playing and drinking normally and are maintaining their weight.

Thanks for your time

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Jul 16, 2010
Gas bubbles in lorikeet droppings
by: The Avian Vet

Well, I feel that you should have blood work on one, but not necessarily because of the bubbles in the poop. It is a good idea to screen them for underlying problems that could be contributing and to establish normal values for comparison in the case that your bird show other signs. I know I have done blood work on patients wile not expecting to find anything, and found abnormalities.

These bubbles are often the result of the presence of yeast or anaerobic bacteria in the GI tract. It is a common occurrence and generally not serious. Although some of the anaerobic bacteria can be very serious. The yeast are generally opportunistic invaders and are an indication that something else is going on too.

In lories (and other birds) this is worsened by the diet. They have a high sugar diet which will encourage yeast growth. I recommend that you have blood work done, and more importantly is to have cultures done. You should have anaerobic and aerobic cultures and a Gram?s stain to look for yeast and spore-forming bacteria such as Clostridium.

Dr B

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