Gas heaters and sneezing

by Sharaya

I have had my parakeet for 5 years but she has been staying with my grandparents the entire time because the heating situation was not the best in our old house. Well now I have finally moved to place where I bring her home but one thing that really concerns me is her sneezing her beak appears to be a little bit dry but I haven't noticed any discharge she has only been with me for three days my concern is that her sneezing isn't related to nervousness but to our gas wall heater that usually runs all day to keep the house around 72 for her.

I have read many concerning stories about bird related death due to heaters both gas and electric putting off fumes. I personally don't smell anything funny and our house is clean so I don't believe dust is the issue can you recommend a brand or type of heater that may be safer for her ( her sneezing also decreased when i moved her farther away)...or do you think her sneezing is related to the change of temperature from around 80 to 72 or the new living environment? Also I was wondering if it is safe to burn salt purifing candles in the same room shes in?

Thank you very much for your time!

Sharaya Souza

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Dec 30, 2009
Sneezing and gas heaters
by: The Vet

Her sneezing is more likely due to dry air than the gas fumes. Natural gas, propane and the like are safe to use around birds. Kerosene is not safe. As for the salt purifying candles, I am not sure of their safety and I would err on the side of caution and not use them in the same room as your bird. You may want to use a humidifier in the winter when the heat is on.

Dr B

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