Genday Conure now attacks my son

by Linda
(Upstate New York)

My Genday Conure has started attacking my son when he comes in the room or sits next to me. However, she will not try to attack my husband. Can anyone give me some advise at all.

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Feb 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

hi there, we have a 7 year old daughter, when we got our conure she was only 3 months old, today she is 1 year and 8 months. As time went buy she made me her TRUE MAMA and she grew to love my husband, she treats us both like her Parents, now when we got our conure, our 7 yr old was always gentle and followed our rules, our daughter is a gentle girl, to make along story short, my daughter is treated like her sibbling, our conure treats her like the child. She nips her and attacks her randomly and makes her status known when she wants to. I truly believe that our conure grew to know who is who, who is in charge, who does what and has clearly made her decision about who is her adult flock and who the kids are. If your AVIAN does not find anything wrong with your conure and this is a similar situation, then it is possible that you are having the same situation with your bird.

Feb 14, 2013
Genday Conure now attacks my son
by: Linda

You did not mention how long you've had the bird and if your son has been a part of her life all the time or not. Birds do not take to strangers very well, and humans remain strangers for a long time if they are not around all the time and are trusted.

If she is attached to you, it seems she would also attack your husband if she is a she. If this is a male, he would probably be attacking females, and you did not mention that was happening.

I do know the first sign of illness in birds is sudden changes in behavior, so you need to have your bird examined by an Avian Vet ONLY in your area. Do not take to dog and cat vet because they are not licensed or trained in the care of birds, make incorrect diagnosis', deadly dosages of meds. What they usually do is nothing and charge you a lot for it. If they decide to get creative, they'll load your bird up with useless and dangerous meds using a "shotgun" approach to the problem. Have bird examined for both bacterial and viral infection, have some basic bloodwork done to see how organs are functioning. We recommend yearly exams with avian vet to make sure bird stays healthy because birds hide their illnesses/injuries until they are too sick to stand and then die.

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say, and if your son is being attacked, do not allow him near the bird or even the bird's cage until you get to the bottom of this. Parrots do not like small children up to about 8-10 years of age at which time, they begin to relate to them as "big" humans. Small children move too fast and erratically and this makes birds very nervous and fearful.

Thanks for writing and get back with us after your bird is examined.


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