general maintanence and general question

by suraj

Hi Doctor
I am 4rom mumbai i want to ask some general quetions.I blow the food husk everyday and feed it clean kitchen tap water,is that ok or i feed it aquaguard water.I insert a calcium block every time and put teramycin 250gms in the water bowl every 9 months,i dont put one whole capsule but one portion in one and the second one in the other.I always insert paper on the excreta tray and clean the tray every 1 month.I before used to make it have bath but presently stopped fearing that even after cleaning the cage with a dried cotton it would get rusted and the birds would eat it and die.Should i just make i it have bath with plain water or should i add some liquid and yes which.I have2 pair of mating love birds one is in a wooden cage alone the male is blue and the female is white,it has layed 3 sets of eggs of 6 but always in every set it has only dropped 1 from the pot and all were blue in colour.the 2 pair is the male is white and the female is blue it has layed presently in the nest box presently it is not alone like the 1 pair and i want to even know that is there anything that the male colour will only come becaus the 1 pair the male was blue and only all blue colour came.

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Aug 17, 2010
Bird questions from Mumbai Inda
by: Tracie

Please contact the avian vet there in Mumbai. I don't know if you can get healthy bird pellets there or not, but that is what you should be feeding your birds. Why you are giving antibiotics is a mystery too.

You really must consult an avian vet in India, because they are familiar with what you can and should feed your birds there.

There is an avian vet listed for Mumbai India on our Find an Avian Vet page. Scroll down to near the bottom and you will see an avian vet listed for India. Please call this vet for help.

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