Getting a 3 year old African Grey

I am getting a 3 year old african Grey and how can i help him get used to his new home?

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Feb 10, 2011
Getting a new bird
by: Tracie

I apologize this did not get answered sooner.

1) Make sure you bring home some of the food it is used to eating, along with familiar toys.

2) Start converting your bird to healthy pellets if it eats colored pellets or no pellets at all.

Switching Birds to Pellets article

3) Find an Avian Vet if you don't already have one. Purchase a travel cage for vet visits and emergencies. (You may suddenly have to take the bird to the vet or evacuate due to a fire or weather issue.)

4) Read some of the articles on training, diet etc. on the Parrot Training page.

5) Mainly, just don't push the bird in anything at all. If the bird doesn't want to be held, then don't push it. Only get as close as the bird is comfortable, and slowly try to move closer each day. (Read the training articles at the link above for more on this.)

6) Ask the previous owner about the bird's environment. What time the lights came on, went off, noise in the environment, traffic around the cage etc. AG's are famous for being afraid of everything and you don't want to end up with a feather picker.

7) Look at my non-toxic for birds list and make sure you don't ever use the self cleaning function on your oven, because it is likely Teflon coated. Even some irons are Teflon coated and can give off a toxic gas.

Have you read the information on the African Grey page on this site? African Grey Profile At the bottom of the page are links to stories written by African Grey owners you will enjoy reading for sure.

Enjoy your new feathered companion!

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