Getting a second bird?

by Jamie

Hi all! I have been thinking for a month or so that getting a second bird would make my current bird happier but I just didn't know for sure so I'd like some advice from people who've bought one bird and then decided to get another or who've been in a similar situation.

Did it make your bird happier? I'm aware that my bird would get unattached from me if I let another bird into it's world but I'm planning on and have lots of time to spend with both. My bird just seems pretty bored basically and doesn't like playing with his cage toys.

I just really love my little bird already. He has a very sweet personallity when I get him out of the cage to sit on my shoulder or just cuddle. I feel like he misses his old home though and doesn't enjoy it here. Recently he's also gotten pretty moody where he'll let me pet him a awhile but if I touch his feet he'll get very aggressive. He bit me pretty hard today. In general he just doesn't WANT to sit with me or do anything in his cage :o like he'll sit in one spot in his cage all day.

I think for him that it would be physically and emotionally bad for him to not enjoy his toys and environment. So will getting another bird help him?
I can fill in questions of where I got him, what I feed him, if he's healthy, what kind of bird I want to get for him, etc..

What do you think? What kinds of things do you guys do to get your solitary bird to be more active? And is this a good solution? I'd prefer advice from people who've been in a more related sitiuation but I'm very open to advice from others.

Thank you,

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Jun 19, 2012
Strange bird bond
by: Christopher

My African gray parrot has been in my family for over 30 years and been in most of my care from 1997-2004 then 2009 till now. She is not hand tame but will perch with me. Try getting your bird to get a seed from your mouth. That has led to my African gray to want to get down from her cage walk to where I'm eating, chirp to be perched up an for me to feed her little chewed up bits like a mother bird to chick. This has given us a good bond and me 20 extra pounds as well. I my get another parrot a Cockatoo if my friend in the hospital doesn't get better. You may have to move your birds cage to where you spend the most time so you both can bond by taking in some of your daily activities. Also try dancing to music around them. Play.

Nov 18, 2010
Lonely bird
by: Kelly

I always think to myself... how would i feel being the only human in the world!!! It would be pretty boring!! I really think your bird would benefit from a mate! I always have two of everything. My guinea pigs, rabbits, fish and birds, they all have a mate!

Editor's note: You can't go get a bird a mate, they may kill each other. You can get another bird in another cage.

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