Getting Blue and Gold out of his cage

by Terry Codispoti
(Pittsburgh Pa.)

I have a blue and gold, he used to come out all the time. I was in a bad accident and didn't get to give him much attention. He won't come out. He is still friendly you can reach your fingers thru his cage and he will lick them. He will dance if you tell him. If you ask him to show pretty bird he will open his wings. He just won,t let anyone get him out of the cage. I even left his cage door open and left him alone he still wont come out. What do I do?

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Jul 20, 2013
Getting Blue and Gold out of his cage
by: Linda

Depending on how long he has been neglected, he can be what is called "cage-bound". Birds who are not handled for whatever reason become afraid to come out of cage. I suggest you use a perch and put it close to his abdomen and say "step up" or "up" depending on how you trained him or how he was trained by someone else.

Otherwise, you will have to give him time to come out of the cage. If there is a possibility he is sick, my suggestion is take him to an Avian Vet ONLY and see if he has any infections or other physical issues. A sick bird will not feel like coming out of cage because he is sick. Take him to only an Avian Vet because they are the only vets licensed and trained in the care of parrots and other exotic animals. Dog and cat vets will not be able to diagnose an illness nor will they be able to give correct dosages of meds even if they are guessing which is all they can do since they are not even licensed to see a bird much less diagnose and treat it.

If avian vet finds your bird to be free of physical issues and/or infections, you'll need to either get him out using a perch or give him time to come out on his own. I'm sorry about your accident, and your bird feels he has been abandoned and is now afraid to come out of cage and to trust you. Only time will take care of this so you will have to be patient with him and understand what he's feeling about the neglect.

Thanks for writing and best of everything for you and your bird.


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