Getting Quaker parrot to interact with other birds

by Rodney

Just got a baby quaker about 6 weeks old now. Named him Dexter. He is so cute. I think i heard him laugh already.

Can you give me some tips on how to get him to interact with my other birds. I have 2 lovebirds but they cant get along the always wanna bite each other.

thanks and hoping to hear from you

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Feb 19, 2012
Getting Quaker parrot to interact with other birds
by: Rodney

Dear Linda

thanks for your response

We do have the experience in hand rearing birds. The quaker is well and healthy. He is going on about 8 weeks now on 2 feeds.

Ok thanks we will not put any other birds with him. Also noticed that the other birds cant even get close to his cage.

With the lovebirds is there and possible way to get them to be in 1 cage. They arnt that old as yet. Sparkie is a peachface bout 6 months now and Smurf is a turquise blue masked lovebird bout 5 weeks now. We really wanna get them together as keeping 3 cages is a problem with regards to space. They have reasonably big cages.

your sincerely Rodney

Feb 11, 2012
Getting Quaker parrot to interact with other birds
by: Linda

I hope you know how to handfeed a baby parrot using baby parrot handfeeding formula with a syringe. Your bird is really not old enough to be weaned. If he is already eating on his own, then that is good. This type of bird should be weaned at about 3 months old or 12 weeks, and weaning is a process. Birds don't just go from handfeeding to eating all they need as they have to learn to eat. Keep a close eye on him because he is really too young to be able to feed himself, and you may have to get some hand feeding formulas found here and learn how to feed him at least two times a day using a syringe or spoon if that's all you have. Take him to an Avian Vet right away to make sure his weight is good, and have them help you about the handfeeding if he is not eating enough.Also have Avian Vet check him for infections which are common when birds are moved around especially the babies.

Forget about him to getting along with the Lovebirds because it is never going to happen. Do not put him in cage with them, and keep him in his own cage always.

If the Lovebirds are fighting with each other, put one of them into another cage as well. Lovebirds who fight usually end up killing each other, so get a cage for the Quaker and another one for the other Lovebird.


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