giant siquoia toxic?

by Ellianna
(hillsboro OR USA)

I am thinking about making my bird a perch made of giant siquoia dendrin but i don't know if it's toxic or not!

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Nov 13, 2012
Yer safe
by: Anonymous

Sequoiadendron wood is on the safe wood lists...(I haven't looked on this list but many others.

And if all cacti & succulents were toxic then that would include things like aloe vera, yuccas & other types of cacti/succulents that all parrots eat safely & enjoy :/

Nov 11, 2012
giant siquoia toxic?
by: Linda

All of the Cacti and Succulents are poison, so you cannot use any of them for anything near your bird. All of them have poisonous fluids inside which will kill your bird.There may be a few Cacti safe for human consumption if needed, but birds cannot have any of the fluids. This is also true for the Poinsetta plant so popular at Christmas. It is highly toxic to birds, so everyone make sure birds cannot get near them.

In case this has taken too long to get to you, please make sure you call your Avian Vet next time you have a question about toxic or not about anything because they will know, and a phone call costs nothing and is much faster than waiting on an online answer.

Thanks for writing and asking the question before you put it into your bird's cage. Use only safe wood natural branches for your bird's cage, and there is a list of safe and unsafe wood and plants here.Do not use any tree branches that have ever been sprayed with a pesticide or treated. The poison becomes part of the inside meat of a tree and the outside bark rendering this type of tree unsafe for birds. If ever any of your natural branch perches get any kind of bugs, throw them away because there is no way to safely kill the bugs without killing the bird.

Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list


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