Goffin cockatoo's just love to play

by sandy
(marianna, fl)

Beautiful one legged goffin

Beautiful one legged goffin

This is Casper, he is a retired male breeder that is now tame and talking. Casper lost his leg to a raccoon years ago and needed human friends to keep him happy healthy and protected.

We tamed Casper after he lost his leg and he trust us with everything. He is playful and friendly and very easy going. We have 3 goffins as pets and each one is different but they all are great entertaining birds.

They are smaller then most cockatoo's and very easy going.Casper has a home for life with wings 4 wisdom aviary


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Sep 10, 2014
by: Paola

Goffins look amazing! Are they loud? And do they get along well with other cockatoos?

May 05, 2012
by: macaw facts

Goffin cockatoo is very clever and loved by all.It mimics the human speech doesn't have capable to skilled speak.

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