Gogi's rescue

by Lauren
(Perth, Australia)

in-your-face personality - Rainbow Lorikeet

in-your-face personality - Rainbow Lorikeet

When Gogi was dropped by a raven almost right into my lap in the backyard over breakfast I didn't think he'd live for very long. He was a baby and pretty sick and sore - with no tail feathers. I named him Gaugan (as in the painter who used those bright colours) which was sooned turned into the less pretentious 'Gogi'.

I took him to the avian vet a few times in the first couple of weeks but I was told he probably wouldn't survive the bacterial infection he had. Gradually though, he got better with a lot of feeding with a syringe and the placid little personality turned into a hilarious confidence. I work from home so he?s always flying around my open-plan place, gently harrassing my poor cats and trying to get as close to me as he can.

He's toilet trained (OK, 90% of the time, but that percentage goes down if he?s annoyed at me for any reason - like I've told him "no" too many times in succession. Mostly I think it's me getting behaviour trained by him. He loves most people but takes a real dislike to the occasional person who visits, but he's never bitten at all hard. He loves rolling on his back and getting his belly scratched while I read, and I can only use a trick to get him in his cage ONCE because he learns so quickly. I swear he's only one or two points behind me in IQ but gaining fast.

He has a bath every morning in the bathroom sink while I have a shower and then we both "preen" in front of the mirror until we look half-way ok. He comes to my studio with me and flies around in the bigger space and poos in my paintings (everyone's a critic). He loves all the usual lorikeet food but adores peas and broadbeans from their shell. He's sitting on my desk while I type this eating peas and making happy noises. I just adore him.

Rainbow lorikeets are a pest around here and the local councils are currently doing a cull, which saddens me no end, knowing how gorgeous these little guys are.

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Comments for Gogi's rescue

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Oct 20, 2008
What a great rescue story
by: Anonymous

Congratulations on your successful rescue. He is a beautiful and lucky bird to have found such a caring person.

Oct 20, 2008
Gogi's rescue
by: Kralice4u

Thank you SO much for sharing this WONDERFUL story!
Gogi is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, but I am sure he knows it too! hahahahha
I think stories such as these are so inspirational. It takes a SPECIAL person to do such a special thing of raising a feathered baby with such love and hopes (as you have done).
Keep up the great work. I KNOW that the Lord is pleased to see how we take care of His beautiful creations.

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