Gold Cap Conure biting

by Melanie
(Winter Park, FL, USA)

Gold Cap Conure

Gold Cap Conure

Recently my Gold Cap Conure has started a few bad habits and I don't know what to do. First he started wanting FEET. We would be able to pick him up, then as soon as we sat down with him he'd immediately run down to our feet. From there he'd rub on our feet, hit his beak on our feet, and sometimes even bite our feet.

Second thing is he started biting everyone. He never really liked strangers and would always lunge at them, but he was always nice to me and my mom. Now he bites all the time. lunges at our faces, hands, feet. I don't know what to do about that.

We feed him dried mixed veggies and fruit, and of course his pellets. I do everything by the book, but now he doesn't want to be held or touched. He just keeps biting, lunging, and hating everyone.

How do I get him to stop the biting and lunging at myself and strangers? How do i get him to leave feet alone? Thanks for any help i can get. I attached a photo. His name is Speck (i'm not sure if it's a boy though) and he's about 4 years old.

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Oct 27, 2009
Gold Cap Conure behavior
by: Tracie

It is good that you are feeding him properly, but you will have to work with him on training. We have some articles that you can read on our Parrot Training page that will help you with this.

Hang in there, if you apply what you learn from the articles, you will earn your bird's trust and respect and will be able to help the bird stop the unwanted behavior.

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