Golden Sun Conure feather plucking mate

by Caroline

I have a breeding pair of Golden Sun Conures. The male Sunnie is being plucked by his partner. They are currently sitting on 3 eggs and cannot separate them. How can this behaviour be controlled and still breed from them ?
The last lot of babies were also plucked. I had 2 beautiful golden conure babies.....bald.
Any advice is appreciated.

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Apr 20, 2010
Reply to Dr B
by: Caroline

Thanks for your suggestions. I will work my way through them.
Firstly, I am new to breeding sunnies. And throughly enjoying these wonderfull little parrots.
As for "Are they Golden Sunnies" I am not so sure. I was given them a few years ago from a deceased estate. They are more yellow than other sunnies but not as yellow as the Quuen of Bavaria one.
A fellow bird breeder claims they are Goldens but I am not so sure. They have only recently hatched babies which had yellow feathers instead of the usual baby green feathers.The parents are the same size as my other sunnies. Is there such thing as a recessive gene that will throw yellow babies.
One of my other sunnie couples also hatched 4 babies , one with the yellow feathers and the others green.
Thanks for your reply

Apr 20, 2010
Mate plucking
by: The Avian Vet

Unfortunately this behavior cannot be changed. This is a very common problem in many breeding pairs of birds. Some things to consider: Maybe they do not like their location, they may be being disturbed during nesting; It is possible that their cage is too small; maybe their nest box is too small.

Are these SUN conures or are they Golden Conures (Queen of Bavaria)? These birds are very different in size and would require different sized cages and nest boxes. They may not be getting enough light or good quality light. What are you feeding them? I have seen birds who eat colored pellets behave this way.

If you breed them every year, it may be that they need a break. There are many sun conures that need homes and it would be good if you gave them a break from breeding anyway, and did not produce more babies that end up in foster and rescues.

Sun conures are one of the highest numbers that are re-homed or put into sanctuaries. If you have Golden Conures, these are on the endangered list and cannot be owned, bred, or sold legally without a permit.

What material are you using in the nest box? It may be that the material is causing irritation of the skin and respiratory tract.

Dr B

Editor's note: I neglected to tell Dr B that you live in Australia.

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