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my budgie seems to become depressed when he doesn't eat seed what do i do? is it all right for budgies just to eat seed if the mix has got crushed wheat, oats, Millet and other things if they have enough exercise?

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Apr 26, 2012
budgie weeds
by: Anonymous

If you google yotube there's a video on weeds for budgies. Called green treats for budgies (I think). It is by Dr Ross Perry (our Aussie avian vet). He tells you a bit about what is good for them. It will help you with the conversion to start with.

Apr 26, 2012
budgies and seed
by: Anonymous

Seed is a natural part of wild budgie diets so you do not need to remove it completely. It will not harm your budgie to have some seed on the side. But NO you should not let your budgie have an only seed diet, that is unhealthy.

Since he's fussy & only likes seed try this, Soak your seed or sprout your seed. Both soaked & sprouted have much high nutrient content than dry seed. Since budgies in the wild are seed, grains, grassy eaters you can also try little things like grasses, grow your seed in pots & cut some off for your budgie, offer bite size leafy veggies. Do little things like this to encourage your budgie to try new foods. it will take a long time but once he starts you should have no problem converting & offering pellet. When you do offer pellet suitable for your budgie what ever the brand may be in your area! Not every place has the same availability of certain brands so shop around yourself. And make sure the pellet is budgie bite size. Your budgie is not likely to go near any food that is bigger than budgie bite size. And don't be afraid to keep offering SOME seed on the side as well as sprouts & greens. Budgies really enjoy these once they start to eat them & they're completely safe for them. Can you imagine being stuck eating 100% dry boring pellet ONLY all the time? Yuck! Be creative about feeding, everything in moderation & google budgies. There's lots of information out there from various sites just to give you more ideas of what & how to go about all this :) Good luck.

Apr 25, 2012
Budgie depressed without seed
by: Tracie

You need to stick to your guns, you are the one responsible for your bird's health. Would you feed a child only sweets and junk food because it "depressed" them to eat healthy food? I hope not!

Once you have a routine feeding only pellets during the day and treats, including some seeds, in the evening they will get used to it.

Our birds are very, very tricky. They will leave their pellets sitting in the dish all day long. If I were not smart I would think they are starving themselves, but I AM smarter than them. (And they are smart) Before our dinner time I go and stir their pellets with my finger and remind them they only get seed according to how much pellets they have eaten.

We feed about 60- 65% Harrison's pellets and only 35 - 40% seed to our parakeets. Most of the time they end up eating ALL their pellets, but they DO hold out hoping we will just go ahead and add the seed. We want our birds to live long healthy lives, so we do not kill them with bad food.

Feeding your birds a seed diet almost assures they will die a painful death with kidney failure and other problems. You will spend a small fortune on vet fees and end up making them eat pellets anyway or just have to watch them die a painful death.

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