good to bad attitude for an indianring neck parakeet


Kiwi has been with me for over 6 years he has been a very sweet natured & loving bird till just after I had breast cancer treatment.
I had surgery in March of 2008, did the radiation treatments in June of 2008 & started tamoxifen for the chemical treatment in July of 2008. I never had to do chemo thearpy because it was encapsulated (it has slowly come to my mind that it maybe the medication that I am on)I have been cancer free for 3 1/2 years & that is about the time when kiwi started to get his attitude/behavior.

(I notice that when I get to sweating, he is a lot more agitated & aggressive than usual) the longer I am on the meds the more aggressive he seems to be... he started out just nipping me on the cheek and I didn?t think anything of it(he does this to give you kisses) till he drew blood... then he started to flog the bars of the cage when I would just walk by.. now I cant come near the cage or him with out him trying to attack me threw the bars, screaming & beating the bars while pinning like crazy....

I have tried a number of times to have my daughter hand him to me but he starts his attitude? my daughter can do just about anything I used to do with him but he is having none of me any more...

I miss being able to touch him, hold him, and talk to him; he has meant the world to me.... now; I only have the dogs to companion me..... I am about to give up hope of getting my best friend back. I don?t want to but I may have to sell him or give him to the zoo.....
how do I get him to stop this? I need answers; this is not making my life any better? I must do something soon!!!!

Thank you for your time