gorilla glue?

by Madison



I made my bird a ladder, out of wood we use for our chimenea. I used gorilla glue, not thinking..and now im wondering if that might not be good for the bird. I have a green cheeked conure by the way. I sanded it down and used a dremel to get rid of all the extras. Theres still some there, should I use it? the glue says non toxic, but air fresheners aren't toxic either, and they can kill birds. HELP!

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Jul 14, 2017
Gorilla glue
by: Anonymous

The company says it's not safe regardless

Nov 17, 2011
safe.. based on what I've read
by: They call me Tom

I have been looking into gorilla glue in a bird cage all day. This is because I just got a heated perch for my amazon and it is ridiculously slick.. The parrot cannot stand on it. So, I was am going to glue a sock to it. I know.. sounds weird, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do. I looked into it and you can use gorilla glue on plates, etc. that humans eat out of without a problem. According to the Gorilla Glue website it is 100% non-toxic after it dries. If you would like, you can go so far as to microwave a dish, etc. that is Gorilla Glued back together as well. Here is the forum area that this was asked in:


Jul 17, 2009
Gorilla glue on bird ladder
by: The Vet

Your bird is probably safe. Most glues, even the toxic ones, lose their toxicity after they dry. Remove all of the exposed glue and your bird should be ok.

Dr B

Jul 17, 2009
by: Linda

I'm not sure about gorilla glue. It is supposed to be non toxic when dry, and I do know it will be best to ask your Avian vet before you put ladder/swing in cage. Some glues do what is called "gassing out" and though you can't see it or even smell it, it is doing it.

We had to repair some cracks in Manzanita perches a while ago, and we asked vet what would be safe glue to fill with. She said two part epoxy once it is completely dry and aired out outside. Always do any gluing outside and leave it out there for a few days if possible. Once it was dry, I can wash perches, and it stays on, and birds don't even notice its there.

Go ahead and give your Avian vet a call to make sure. I hear that it tastes like peanuts, so be sure to ASK before putting it in his cage.

Let us know what vet says as we may get this question again. Thank You,

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