Gouldain Finch - sick

I have a goldian finch that seems to always need extra care. He is a blue gouldian and the major issues I see is that He seems to bob or rock every now and then kinda like a sneeze or a hiccup without the sneeze or the hiccup. He also has lost some feathers. I seem to have him back to getting well - in a hospital cage (with heat)but need some advice on what I may be facing. right now he's pn vitamin water and water with the vinegar (that seems to make them all look great). I also have Angle guard in the food.

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May 12, 2011
Sick finch
by: The Avian Vet

I am not familiar with Angel guard. I do not recommend putting stuff in their water, especially vitamins. This will cause bacterial growth in the water and does not provide adequate nutrition. I also do not recommend vinegar in the water. Vinegar is an acid and will change the taste of the water often causing the to not drink. Vinegar does not have any properties that will help birds. It may prevent growth of yeast in the water, but that is not a real concern anyway.

Putting him on heat is the best thing you can do. Then take him to see an avian veterinarian for a diagnosis. He could have a respiratory infection, too.

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Dr B

May 11, 2011
Gouldain Finch - sick
by: Linda

First of all, I don't know where you got the idea to put vinegar into their water. Vitamins in the water is also very bad for growing bacteria and fungus, so stop using both.

There are several very good foods on this site and take a look and see if you could be feeding them better which makes for much more healthy birds. There is nothing in vinegar to make a bird look better, so maybe you could tell us which Avian Vet recommended that. Never use home remedies or over the counter meds with birds. Sick birds have to be examined, diagnosed and treated by a licensed, trained Avian Vet and only an avian vet.

Your little bird is far too valuable for you to be wasting time on home remedies and vitamins that are not even processed by the body properly. Take him to avian vet in your driving area, take a look at foods found here and get all your birds onto healthy diets with clean, fresh water and the occasional organic veggie treat. Ask them about the vinegar because as far as I know, it does nothing at all except irritate the system.

Let us know what avian vet has to say about your bird because it sounds like he is having chills which indicates fever which indicates an infection that HAS to be diagnosed and treated by a qualified avian vet.

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