Gouldian Finch. Blood under skin

by Heather
(West Aust)

Gouldian Finch. Was fluffed up and sitting on the avairy floor quite a bit. Was often seen flying to perches but appeared to be not an easy manouvre. I placed in hospital box. Was eating ok ... fecies was sort of formed by cream colour and lots of it. It died after about 2 weeks.
I tested often for Airsac mite... also wormed her.

after she died I checked her body... no weight on her at all and her skin had what appeared to be blood under it everywhere... including the skin under the wings. It was a dark red blood colour.

I should have noticed this before but didnt want to stress her by handling.
Closest Vet is 99 klms away.

Hope you can give me some insite into what was wrong with my little finch
My thanks in advance

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Oct 03, 2011
Blood under skin
by: The Avian Vet

There could be some many things, The dark color under the wings may be normal. The skin is very thin and easy to view the muscles underneath which are very dark red. The most likely cause was bacterial infection. This could have been complicated by poor diet, too little light, stress, and many other factors.

Dr B

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