Gouldian Finch died suddenly

My pair of Gouldian finches just had 3 out of 5 eggs hatch yesterday (Sept 13, 2011). This evening my male died suddenly and I have no explanation for this. I had him for just less than 2 years and he has always been the life of the party so to speak. He would sing every single day, he ate just fine, had a very outgoing personality and all of a sudden he died? I have always fed them fresh romaine lettuce and this was the only thing I fed my finches today before the male died. I also have kept their cage sprayed with Avian Insecticide and the birds were treated with SCATT as well. Please respond at your earliest convenience; I am in disbelief and heartbroken that he died this way.


Erin Murphy

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Jan 26, 2012
gouldians dying
by: johnnyh

my two gouldians were fit as a fiddle but two days ago they started to drink more water than used to a day later both were ill i placed them in a hospital cage bet regretably they both died.
tehy were housed indoors at a constant temp cages cleaned out every three days were fed the best seed and fresh water twice per day they got all the greens and things avigold in the water every other day and iodene regulary. also i have just lost another one the same way my bird room is cleaner than some hospitals.
can any one help

Editor's note: If you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, at Parrot Questions You will need to Find an Avian Vet to do a necropsy to determine what happened to your birds.

Sep 15, 2011
Bird suddenly died
by: Tracie

I am so sorry for your loss. Dr B really can't tell you what happened without doing a necropsy on the bird that died. There are many, many things that can cause birds to die suddenly.

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