gouldian finch twitches a little

by Michelle

My finch has a slight twitch from time to time...He is eating, drinking etc but I have a canary and another finch whom where both treated for air sacs. Because they are so tiny the vet diagnosed them based on symtoms. Do you think this twicth is air sacs or just a random thing

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Dec 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had a canary with a respiratory infection who was recently on antibiotics from my vet. He is eating and drinking (which he has always done), but now he is has a twitch or more of a hiccup and is dropping a large amount of feathers (might be molting?).

When I spoke with my vet today he said that I may need to put a towel over his cage (leave room for air) and to get some warm (not hot) steam into his cage with a humidifier for 10 minutes a day for a few days.
Also to keep the canary's room warm.

But you should contact a vet for your birds.

Dec 15, 2011
Finch twitching
by: Tracie

Twitching is not a normal thing, so it is best that you Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird. Avian vets will not guess at what is wrong, they will run tests so that your bird will be treated for exactly what is wrong.

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