Gray bites my nails.

by Chris Churchill
(Chicago, il. USA )

My African gray does a great job biting my nails for me. She's sensitive and careful and she seems to enjoy it. But I wonder is it bad for her? Either from a bad habit standpoint or from a germ standpoint. Because u personally don't mind. It's a sweet little bonding thing I guess but if it's dangerous, I'd love to know. If I should stop, is there any advice on training her away from this?

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Sep 22, 2011
Bird bites human finger nails
by: Tracie

If you want the bird to do this, just wash your hands before handling the bird. make sure you scrub under your nails and you use a non-toxic cleanser.

I do suggest that you teach the bird what "noooo" or "stop" or something so that you can prevent the bird from doing this to others. If the bird understands a certain word means stop doing what it is doing, then you can say that word if it starts to groom another person that doesn't want this done.

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