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Here are some Great Links for our parrots. - the Egg Shop Solid Plastic Fake Bird Eggs
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Bird Links Directory - Listing the best bird sites on the Web.

Birds Central Forums - Click here to visit our forum. - Click here for a great Photo Gallery of parrots. Also, check out the popular list of names for your birds, and the "License to Brag" web page.Also, view the latest on Bird T-Shirts, Pet Magazines, Pet Collectors items and more. It's all about YOUR PARROT! - The Bird Lover's Online Directory! If you are looking for a bird-related website, this is a great place to start. We're a resourceful directory with a personal touch! - Offers areas for classifieds ads, link exchange, information on various species of birds and more. - They sell birds and have great hand feeding information. - "The Canary Hobby Shop. Products for all birds. From canaries to finches to all exotic birds. We are a distributor of the following products Manufacturers:Pro-ViTal, Avitech, Morning Bird Products and Beak Appetit, as well as our own product line.

Fischer's Lovebird - This little site cares for the well being of the lovebird, full of good information & great photos.

Nicoles Nesting Box - Information on cockatiels, photographs, cockatiel basic care, cockatiel nutrition, cockatiel diet, health of your cockatiel, cockatiel behavioral problems, biting, pellet diets, feather loss, broken blood feathers, breeding, hand feeding, egg binding, safe plants, toxic plants, hazards.

Parrot Cages - United Kingdom online store, Just Cages, carries high quality parrot cages, budgie cages, rat cages, degu cages, bird cages, rabbit hutches and runs, at competitive prices. Find the right home for your pet today! - Your Online Avian Community

Adventure Pack Stainless Parrot Travel Cage
The Adventure Pack travel cage comes with a removable canvas backpack that will allow you to take your bird with you anywhere you want to go!

General Pet Links

Best site for dog lovers!
Yes, a website that encourages you to spoil your dog in the most loving
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Pets are Cool

Dog Crate Replacement Tray - Your search for double door dog wired training crates ends at Digit Pet. Available at discount prices.

Best Pet Directory

Pets Directory

The Pet Website Directory - A directory of pet-related websites including pet supplies, pet health information and pet-related services.

Echo's Haven Macaw Sanctuary Echo's Haven is a self-supporting sanctuary for Macaws, whose goal it is to provide a free-flight atmoshpere for large Macaws to live out their lives in a natural environment where they can fly and live like birds. Shop at Echo's Haven Bird Supplies for the lowest prices on everything for your pet bird. Proceeds from the shop go towards the support of the rescue birds of Echo's Haven.

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Great links for directory searches.

2SearchSmart Human Edited Web Directory

Abifind Directory

Awesome Directory

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SEAIT - Blog Directory!

Zopso Directory

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Rescue Organization Links

Great link for helping a parrot rescue and purchase parrot gifts too!

Mickaboo Rescue for Parrots - Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue (not just for cockatiels anymore!) is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing at-risk parrots, giving them medical care and a safe and healthy environment until a permanent home can be found for each bird. All funds raised to support the organization go to helping the birds - we have no paid employees and no central facility that needs rent or upkeep.

Canada Links

Birdy Boredom Busters - Bird toys, parrot toys and bird toy parts are our specialty! We design stimulating, creative and affordable pet bird toys for parrots of all sizes. We also have a huge assortment of bird safe toy parts to make or repair your own toys.

UK Pet Links

Great links for the UK

Parrot Cages in the UK - Just Cages carries high quality parrot cages, budgie cages, rat cages, degu cages, bird cages, rabbit hutches and runs, at competitive prices. Find the right home for your pet today! - Enter where you live and what breed you are looking for and they will list parrot ads. - Specialist supplier of parrot cages and bird aviaries with a large parrot cage selection for african grey parrots, macaws, cockatoos, senegals, cockatiels, kakirikis, budgies, finches and most other cage birds ... Parrot cages to suit all types of parrots and exotic birds are our speciality. We have a large choice of parrot cages and bird cages.

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