Green Canary-Lost of Feathers

by William S

Hi my pet green canary has for the past few days lost a lot of little fluffy feathers he would usually lose one or two but this is a pile he dosnt look as if he's got any bald spots or anything and it's near winter?

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Sep 29, 2010
shedding feathers
by: cat

all animals sheds if thay is not the case maybe ur bird needs a companion birds alot of times looses feathers when they r bored

Sep 28, 2010
Green Canary-Lost of Feathers
by: Linda

Birds molt twice a year in the early spring and again anywhere from August to September. If you continue to notice further feather loss after September/October, then you need to take your bird to an Avian Vet in your driving area for a checkup to make sure bird is free from infection, parasites or some other physical problem.

Also, when birds are molting, there will be many pin feathers coming in, and these look like tiny sticks. These hold the feather, and once the end falls off, the feather can unfurl. Check him to see if he has any of these pin feathers, and they are easy to see on the head, neck and around the face.If you see new growth, then he is just molting a bit later. If you do not see any, then there is something else going on, and you have to take him to Avian Vet. If he's in cage with another bird, the other bird may be pulling his feathers out or they may be fighting. If he has a cage mate, separate them into two cages.

Please don't wait until it is cold if he needs to see an Avian Vet as this puts him in jeopardy of getting an upper respiratory infection. If you have to take him out in winter, be sure to pre-heat car, cover cage entirely with a flannel sheet or lightweight blanket for going to and from car and vet's office. Once cage is in a warm car, you can raise up the front part so he can see out. Just make sure he is completely covered when getting in and out of car. A small travel cage or carrier is best in winter because between the small carrier and the cover, heat is easier to hold in and keep him warm with his own body heat.


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