green cheeck conure screams and bites

by PN
(La Jolla)

my green cheek conure wants to come out of the cage.I take him out every day for 4 hours but when i put him back he screams and becomes very angry. He doesnt play with his toys alot he just sleeps in his cage depressed sometimes. He even bites often when we let him out. What can I do?

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May 13, 2011
Grumpy green cheek conure
by: Tracie

Conures can get very grumpy and loud when they want to communicate they are unhappy. I know people claim that Green Cheeks are quite birds, but we have not found that to be true. We could hear our green cheeks through several closed doors when they were kept at the opposite end of a long country house.

As Linda said, if the bird sits depressed looking, then it is possible it is sick and trying to tell you this. It may be comforted to be out with you, and then insecure when you put it back in the cage.

It is possible it is just a tantrum also. Our GC's would bite us when we put them back and scream too. There are some training materials you might want to look at on our Parrot Training page that can help you replace unwanted behavior with a different behavior.

May 13, 2011
green cheeck conure screams and bites
by: Linda

There are many reasons why birds become cranky. The main one is that they are sick, so first of all, you need to make an appointment with an Avian Vet in your driving area so your bird can be checked for infections or other physical problems that would cause him to be depressed. Anytime birds have a change in behavior it usually means an illness is going on, and birds do not get over infections. They have to be diagnosed and treated by ONLY an Avian Vet.

Take care of the avian vet trip and give him any medicines vet prescribes and then write back as to how he is behaving. You can't do any training until he has been seen by an avian vet because sick bird does not feel like learning and should not be forced to.

Other reasons for not liking his cage could be it's too small. Always buy a cage that is at least 2 times larger than what manufacturer's or pet stores say is okay because they are usually too small and pet store just wants the sale and does not really care about the bird's welfare. Too small cages or wrong perches, as all perches need to be safe natural wood branches appropriate for your size bird. Cage must not be set too low either. Birds need to be at eye level all the time or they feel shut-down and under pressure.

Basically, he sounds sick to me and may even be cold which would be why he wants to be held a lot.

Get back with us after he is seen by avian vet, and we can then discuss this some more.

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