green cheek biting

So my fiance and I just took a green cheek conure from a coworker of mine. However, he will not stop biting and drawing blood. His previous owner let him ride on her shoulder all day and he does not know any commands but we have been working on "step up". Everything that I have read up on says not to let them on your shoulder because it's a dominance issue and if they are eye level they don't think you are the boss. He screams all day because he wants to be on my shoulder but he sometimes will change his mind and bite or bite if I try to get him off. Is it going to be a problem that he is already so old? I don't have any bird experience and I don't want him to be miserable. I'm trying to work with him everyday but it seems like he's only biting harder and more often, he also refuses to let go when he does.

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Jun 13, 2013
Green cheek biting
by: Angela

Your bird is probably still afraid of his new home and new owners. You have to give him time to settle in. You also have to let him know you are the boss, not him. Birds are very smart and know how to get their own way. Having him on your shoulder is not a good idea as birds are unpredictable and could really do some damage to your face, eyes and ears. It doesn't matter how old a bird is, you can train it to do the things you want it to. When he starts to bite, say a firm "no", return him to cage and leave the room. You have to be consistent and pretty soon the bird will understand that what he's doing is not okay. If the bird yells when you're not in the room, he wants attention. Try to bring the cage into the room you are in to cut down on the noise. Make sure you cover the cage at night as birds need at least 10-12 hours of rest. When you're not home, leave the radio or TV on to keep the bird company and make sure he has lots of bird safe toys to keep him occupied. Time and patience will reward you with a wonderful pet.

Jun 12, 2013
Green cheek conure keeps biting
by: Tracie

Boy, I know it is difficult when you long for a good relationship with a bird, but it just keeps biting instead. It takes time and patience, and spending time observing how your bird communicates what it does and doesn't like before it bites. Notice it's feathers, his eyes etc.

Please read the articles on this Parrot Training page link for more help.

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