green cheek broken leg

by laurie

Poor Taillow

Poor Taillow

My green cheek broke his leg when my son accidentally stepped on him. The break was down by his foot at the joint. The avian vet splinted his leg. He has had the splint on for 15 days and this neck apparatus to keep him from picking at his splint.
Vet changed the bandages on the neck item 7 days ago. ( My family watched bird for past week when I went out of town. They were not comfortable with taking off neck thing. (I don't remember the name of this thing) I got home today and I took it off and put new bandages around center ring. I let him go with out neck thing all day. He was able to groom himself and I know was so happy.

My family and I have been doing this for him ( grooming). I kept him close around me all day. Watching that he did not pick at splint. It is night and I have to put this neck thing back on. He seems to be miserable with it. He did not seem to bother with his leg splint to much today. It was horrible putting this neck thing back on for the bird and myself. He makes a noise like I have never heard. I am going to bed and I do not feel 100% confident with the fit although I think I did it right. It will spin but he can't seem to get his beak underneath plastic.

When can I ditch this neck thing? I am just afraid he may pick at splint in middle of the night or early morning. Although, he didn't do this today. If he ran his beak on splint I said stop and he stopped. He will get another x ray in two days. Two more weeks of this neck thing seems impossible. I want to quit torturing this bird with this neck thing asap. I cant imagine another week or two of putting this thing on every night. Now that I know I can take it off and am here to watch him I will have too. He has worn neck thing around the clock up until now I am keeping him in a 10 gallon aquarium, instead of his cage where he would climb (picture is vet cage). Also he has quit talking. I hope the anesthesia he was given didn't have anything to do with that. I have not seen any movement in his foot. Which worries me too. He can move his leg though) Thank you for any new input or opinions.

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Nov 03, 2009
Green cheek conure with broken leg
by: The Vet

Some birds do not need the collar. Other birds do. It depends on if he chew his bandage and how good the bandage is. I recommend keeping it on until you can see your veterinarian again. If he chews the bandage at night and gets it off, the leg could suffer and may not heal properly.

I personally recommend my clients put their bird back into the cage where they are more comfortable. If the bandage is good, then climbing is not a problem. Be sure his bandage does not get wet. If he is not on a water bottle, then you need to switch him immediately. The Lixit water bottle is a good brand. This is more healthy, but will also prevent the bandage from becoming wet.

Dr B

Oct 24, 2009
Broken Leg and Collar
by: Linda

The horrible thing is called an Elizabethan Collar, and though it is a pain for you and him, please do exactly what your vet has told you to do. During the day, when you can watch him all the time, it would be okay to give him a break from it. Make sure you can watch him all the time though because his cast will start itching him if it isn't already, and this is when he'll start tearing at it and not just picking. You need to advise your vet that you are giving him a break from it during the day and see what they have to say. I KNOW from experience how awful they are for birds, and my heart goes out to you. If his leg does not heal properly, he will never be able to sit a perch right, so keep it up for a while longer. If you notice any sores or inflammation, he needs to go back to vet.

Take heart that it will all be over soon though it may seem a long time. Your bird is NOT A HAPPY CAMPER right now, and this is why he is not singing or talking. Once his cast comes off, you'll need to be careful with him as leg will be weak. Vet may advise more time in the fish tank, which is another thing he does not like. At least the horrible thing will be off him!

Keep up the good work, and when your bird is out of his cage, he needs to be watched all the time to avoid accidents like this. If you can't watch him, keep him in cage. Make sure cage is large enough where he feels comfortable and change out his toys at least every month or two. We change ours out, put in new ones and later, take those out and put in the older ones which now seem new. Birds have short attention spans and will forget toys from one month to the next. A caged bird is a safe bird if one does not have time to watch them every minute.

God Bless You and family for taking such good care of your bird, and I wish there were millions more just like you!!!


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