green cheek conure babies

by michelle sanchez

my green cheek conures just hatches there eggs is it ok if i grab them to hand feed them

im am worried that the mom will kll them if they are to be touched

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Oct 22, 2010
dont worry about handfeeding
by: Cat

People say if u touch the baby birds the mom would reject them that is not true it was my parakeets first time to lay eggs so when the eggs hatched i took pictures of the birds and nothing happened

Oct 21, 2010
green cheek conure babies
by: Linda

Well, unfortunately, it sounds as if you know very little about birds and why you are breeding them is beyond my understanding.

Of course a mother bird will not kill her babies because they have been handled. Even wild bird mothers will not kill their babies if they are handled. If you do not know how to handfeed properly using baby parrot handfeeding formula with a syringe or spoon, then leave the babies in there so their mother can feed them.

Handfeeding is a learned skill and you have to feed the baby parrot handfeeding formula not something you find around the house. Your babies will die if not taken care of properly.

My sound advice is to leave them with their mother unless she is not feeding them. If this is the case, find a breeder in your area to show you how to hand baby parrots.

Mostly, you need to use the internet to learn all you can about parrots and yours in particular. A good book or two wouldn't hurt either.


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