Green Cheek Conure: balance issues

by Debbie
(Colo Spgs, CO USA)

Spike - Green Cheek Conure

Spike - Green Cheek Conure

Spike - Green Cheek Conure
Spike cuddling

My 11 year old green cheek conure has developed balance issues in the past few months. He's falling off his perch at night (although that is happening less frequently.) He is fully flighted so that rules out a bad wing clipping.

Nutritionally, he eats fruits, vegetables, fortified pellets, seeds that he'll steal from the cockatiel's cage, the occasional millet sprig and just about anything else that you'll give him. He drinks bottled water with minerals or filtered water with minerals (and juice if he can get his beak on an OJ glass).

Originally he was being rather bitey (he seemed crabby) although that is slightly better lately too. Now when I hold him he will sit backwards on my shoulder, close to my neck, where he shakes his tail feathers a lot but has a sturdier platform than just my shoulder.

He's quite content if I wrap him in a towel briefly and hold him close to my chest and rub his head -- he even starts to fall asleep. That's something he's never done but with his recent perch falling I would imagine he feels more secure that way and is probably tired.

Is there anything glaring I should be looking for or something in particular he may require nutritionally? We are retired and on a fixed income so I don't want to rush out and spend several hundred dollars at an avian vet if it's unnecessary. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you.