Green cheek conure behavior

We have a beautiful little hand reared pineapple green cheek conure who I think is around 7 months old. She has been friendly and sociable with our whole family. She has appeared to favour me, my husband and my 13 year old daughter (who we bought her for) but suddenly she wont have anything to do with anyone but myself and my husband.

She shies and runs away from everyone else and won't let them pick her up, nor will she step up onto their hands when she used to with no problems. She will sit on my daughters shoulder but it's almost like its under protest and if I am close enough she will try and get to me. My daughters heart is broken as this is her little baby but obviously as she is a child I have been doing a lot of the care. Any suggestions, advice and information is greatly appreciated. Many thanks Danielle

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Aug 10, 2015
Green Cheek
by: Anonymous

I purchased a green cheek conure for a birthday gift for my spouse. The first day, our little conure loved to be around both of us. That quickly changed, and now she will go out of her way to get to me. If my spouse tries to get her off my shoulder or places her finger near the bird she will bite/nip her. If Im not around or not at home she will allow my spouse to fool with usually with no nipping. Once I am home she wont let anyone but me touch her. They say conures usually are not a one person bird, but in the case I would say our little conure is.

May 01, 2012
green cheek
by: Anonymous

i think it happens in all species i had fed a indian ringneck that i brought up and then it was over hated women all women. she wanted men. not quite sure how they can tell. i suppose it is a scent. i have a green cheek, he doesn't let us pick him up too much. very timid. hes about 20 now. if i do it all over again i go with a cockitiel, doesnt give you too much problem. can't change a birds mind. just love him/her.

Apr 30, 2012
Conure started preferring one person
by: Tracie

I feel your pain. This happened to me too. Here I was the one feeding and spending time with the birds and they went and fell in love with my husband. This happened almost overnight, it was shocking.

Please read our biting green cheek conure article and other articles on our Parrot Training page for help in getting the bird to stop this behavior.

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