green cheek conure biting

by alexis
(maple ridge)

I have a green cheek conure named koda she is getting close to a year old now and is extremly lovable and loves to cuddle but she bites ALOT i understand her beak has been bugging her for awhile now and is almost fully grown in but its gotten out of control and she will start biting my hands for know reason what so ever. she will also bite my lip, nose, ear whatever she gets ahold of at the time. i love my birds and spend alot of time with all of them but cannot seem to get koda to stop biting please if you have any advice id love to hear it..

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Jul 12, 2010
green cheek conure biting
by: alexis

Thank you both for the comments
Linda i own six birds 4 parrotlets, a green cheek conure and, a cockatiel, and hangout with an african gray and love birds alot as well.
i may have wrote that wrong but i know how their beaks work i forgot to say its not over grown and she's seen a her vet many times.

Jul 03, 2010
Conure Biting
by: Heather

My friend had a conure that did the same thing when he reached a year old. Kazoo was a handful at this age. I have trained numerous birds and they all have their own unique personalities!!! Right now I'm having problems with my Caique attacking my hubby! However, one thing I can tell you is it sounds like you need to give it time to get use to its new found strength in its beak!!!! When the bird tries to bite look at it's pupils, if they are dialated it could mean an attack. But if they are not it could just be tasting you playfully and not realizing that it is hurting you. And then the bird thinks it is funny to watch it's owner running around yelling!!! The biggest thing to remember is to not walk away when the bird does this. If you do, the bird will think "If I bite the human, it will leave me alone and give me a show." So, rather than leave the room to get a bandaid, have someone fetch you one or put the first aid kit in the same room as your bird. Secondly, get a good pair of leather gloves to ease the pain of the bites. I had to do this with my Caique to get him to stop biting me and I've have used this with numerous rescues. Just be careful with something the size of a macaw, gloves won't work then. And as the other person before me said, if you notice the beak is lop-sided or seems to big take the bird to an avain vet to get it checked out.

Jun 29, 2010
green cheek conure biting
by: Linda

I don't understand what you mean by "her beak has been bugging her for some time"? Parrots are born with beaks, and they don't "grow in", as they are already there.

You need to immediately take this bird to an Avian Vet in your area for an examination. If her beak is overgrown, only a licensed/trained Avian Vet can trim the beak. They usually just take a little bit, and DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF AS BIRD CAN BLEED OUT THROUGH THE BEAK. Take her to an Avian Vet and rule out any physical problems. Sometimes bird's beaks get points on them, and Avian vets can trim those when they trim their toenails which needs to be done several times a year.

So, I cannot address the biting until you write in with what the Avian Vet had to say.


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