Green Cheek Conure chews on tail

by Bird Girl

My green cheek conure chews on his tail feathers until they end up all curled up and matted. Just started this a couple of days ago. We got it last week. It is 3 months old. Is it a way for him to get more attention...he probably knows I will give him a bath to straighten out his tail again!

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Oct 17, 2017
Sun Conures
by: Bird World Family

I have 2 Sun Conures. Our female chews her tail feathers, and sometimes the male chews hers. She's less friendly than him, and is sometimes picks fights with him. She's food aggressive. She likes attention, but he's more attention-seeking. I think it's a habit. Sometimes if you get another companion bird they get into mischief together, as they are like children. Their personalities differ as much as people.

Feb 24, 2013
Tail chewing
by: Bird Girl

Our bird had just recently come to the pet store from a breeder when we purchased him. The pet store assures us he is totally fine. We have no Avian vet anywhere near my area. (The closest is a 16 hr drive). Our conure did, however, stop his tail chewing over the past two days. He gets tons of attention, an excellent diet (with lots of fruits and veggies) and lots of rest at night. I checked in with the pet store and the "bird expert" (who has her own conures at home) suggested a few things. We did get our conure a few more toys to keep him entertained. I have a feeling that it was an attention-seeking thing as I did work more than the usual half day and the bird really wanted out of the cage. Of course, we'll never be sure. We are keeping an eye on it. The pet store did suggest a spray called "Bitter Apple Deterent". It is supposed to help birds not to pluck. Luckily he didnt pluck but the short-lived chewing thing did cause a tiny bit of damage to the very end of his beautiful tail feathers. We used a bit of spray on the ends and it seems to have helped...or maybe it was the new toys....who knows. Either way, this bird gets so much love and cuddles (esp from the kids) that I hope we don't see the tail chewing again. Either way, give me more advice or tips if you have experienced this before! Thanks!

Feb 24, 2013
Tail Chewing Conure
by: Alex

This sounds like a behavioural issue. I think a trip to the avan vet is in order to see what the reason is behind the feather chewing. If it is attention seeking they will be able to advse on how to stop this and ask for attention in other ways.

How often do you socalise and play with the bird?

Is your conure left for long perod alone? If so, maybe a companon conure would help.

Thanks for your question.

Feb 23, 2013
Green Cheek Conure chews on tail
by: Linda

You did not mention whether you took him to an Avian Vet for an exam or not, and this is very important for all new birds. Birds found in pet shops tend to be sick with some kind of infection. It also happens sometimes when birds are bought from breeders too, so an exam in the first few days we have new birds is required to make sure they get a good start with us.

The tail feather pulling can be a manifestation of an illness long untreated or it can be boredom for whatever reason. Poor diets of all seeds causes all kinds of mental and physical problems, and Avian Vets and we recommend a diet of 80% organic pellets with the rest of diet in organic fruit and/or veggies. If birs are eating a well balanced diet of organic pellets like Harrisons, they actually have no need for fruit and veggies except as a way to vary their diet somewhat.

We have two mid thirty Amazons, and they eat Harrisons as the main diet with one or two other types of organic pellets for variety. They eat no fruit or veggies because unless it is organic or home grown, you do not know what kinds of dangerous chemicals are being fed to the birds.

So, to recap, find Avian Vet and have your bird examined for infections and have some basic bloodwork done to see how organis are functioning. Begin to change a poor diet over to a healthy one, and you will begin to see the results you are looking for. Below is a link to an article on how to go about changing from seeds or junk pellets like Zupreem or Lafaebers to a healthy diet of organic pellets. Article is written by an Avian Vet.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Very importly, make NO changes in diet before having bird examined by an avian vet because dietary changes are too stressful for a bird with physical issues.

Thank You,

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