Green Cheek Conure going nuts

by April Burgio
(Rochester NY)

I just got a green cheek conure from a private owner and have had it for a little over a week. I have had the little nips and bites at my fingers at times but the other day my bird went nuts and attacked me. She was on my shoulder and was fine but I went to take a sip of my pepsi and she stuck her head in the glass and took some at that point she went nuts and bit my lip, my cheek and the back of my head. Is this due to her drinking the pepsi with caffeine? I am hoping that is all it is and that she all of a sudden hasn't become aggressive where I have to get rid of her.

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Mar 20, 2011
Wonderful Pets: so loveable!!
by: Judy

I got my green cheek(yellow sided) nine mos ago. She is just coming up on one.
Very different: I got her at the pet store and she knew nothing. IN 9 mos she has learned about 20 tricks and is so very lovable. She sits on shoulders and I have raised her like I would a puppy for the most part or a small child. When she would nip: I would frown and turn my head: but NOT pull my hand away or put her in her cage. I would sound HURT and not happy: I dont like beak: easy: look away and stop moving. Wait and then say: are you sorry? then I would lower my finger UNDER her face and move it slowly and say want a scratch: NOW she knows if ever too rough: I say: no beak: easy and stop moving NOT yelling just sound hurt I dont like beak turn head away: wait a sec and ask are you sorry: then she comes for a kiss now. IF real problem: keep seed handy in pocket and keep praising when she is "Good easy" Teach tricks and she will become so very nice. I dont think putting in cage is good: she might decide to bite you so you WILL put her in her cage. I dont chage anything when she would nip: just stop and scold quietly and frown and turn away. OR if yours bites: I would drop or put her on the floor for a second while you scold her quietly: she wont like that: then just a sec later : are you sorry: ok; and pick her right up and start over. Just a sec is all it takes: forget it after that: she will do it less and less: mine doesnt bite at all or hardle ever nip hard. They are beaky little things and want to love you by nibbling on you and feeling you with their beak: so dont mind that sometimes if it doesnt hurt. KEEP SAYING easy Everyone told me dont do this and that: forget it: act like you want to and praise her and love her like a member of the family.

Nov 30, 2010
hope this helps
by: Anonymous

i myself just got a conure and Iam really surprised that after a week you have her out on your shoulder already..the only advice that I can really give you is that they tend to feed on your response.. you cannot overreact at all when they mis behave they enjoy this and will continue to do bad things to get that negative behavoir because they enjoy it..ive had mine for just a little over a month and most of the time she is well behaved she does have her times where she is nippy and naughty and i just put her back in her cage and say no bites..iam not expereinced with these birds at all this is just what i have learnt from mine..they also stress out very easily loud noise changes in the home.. this iam sure you have already figured out.. as far as the pepsi I can only imagine that the carbonation in the pop tickled her nose and scared her and this may be why she reacted like this..mine gets pissy like that every once in a while generally when she doesnt get her way,,,,my only advice is watch the way you react if she likes it she will continue this behavior because u are being funny as far as she is concerned

Nov 29, 2010
Green Cheek Conure going nuts
by: Linda

Your statement about "having to get rid of her" is almost too much to for me to hear. First of all, NEVER, EVER PUT A PARROT ON YOUR SHOULDER because this is where 99.9% of severe injuries involving parrots occur. Second is never allow your bird to eat or drink anything made for humans. Caffeine not only is bad for a bird but in higher doses kills them as does sugar, salt and fat found in most human foods.

Your bird is fine, and it is you who needs to do a lot of study about parrots from here on. Parrots are exotic wild animals, not domestic, and they will always be wild animals regardless of being hand raised or not. Tigers can be bottle fed and treated like a child, and they grow up and kill their caretakers. So, do more study about parrots in general and how they behave and react to stress. By denying the bird a drink of the pepsi poison, you made it mad because it felt it was being teased.

If you have not taken your bird to an Avian Vet already, then do so now. All new birds can and do have bacterial infections, and these birds will only get sicker as time goes on. Birds do not recover from infections without being diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet.

If you are serious about this bird, I suggest you leave "getting rid of it" for a last resort when all else fails. Do right by your bird and take it to an Avian Vet when needed, feed it organic pellets and no people food, learn about parrot behavior and how to train them. Have Avian Vet clip the 6 long primary flight feathers at the ends of both wings so bird cannot fly all over and get injured. Keep the bird off your shoulder forever becaue what you received was just a small taste of what kind of damage a parrot is capable of inflicting. Even small birds can put eyes out, rip open lips where it requires stitches. A full out attack from an exotic wild parrot is life threatening.Parrots and all birds have few ways to defend themselves. One is to fly away, and the other is to attack and rip and tear the enemy until they are down and stay down. Parrots are also some of the sweetest, most intelligent and empathetic companions any human could ask for. Learn to love and respect your bird because you are more fortunate to have her than you could ever know.

Please do your homework and make sure you are up to doing what it takes to keep a parrot healthy and safe. It takes a real commitment to work with your bird through thick and thin very much like a lasting marriage. Our birds and other pets deserve a full, reality based commitment, so do some self study to see if you are up to this kind of commitment with your bird, dog, cat or child.

I hope I did not sound too harsh, but we hear this kind of thing all the time, and the birds are the ones to suffer ending up in an abusive, neglectful home because people want to "get rid of them" without doing any work to help them.

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