Green cheek conure injury

by marlen

Hi , My name is Marlen , i have a green cheek conure female .IT is about 8 month old. She got hurt eight month ago, she hit the wall and she could not get up . I took her to the Avian vet and he said she had an injured muscle or ligament and gave her some anti inflammatory. To leave her in clear tank for her to get better.

She began to moved her leg for awhile , but she uses that leg no matter what . So know she walks like with her but and her legs are apart and limps. Will she ever go back to walking as a bird? Need some advice

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Jan 20, 2014
Injured Conure
by: Alex

Did the vet do x-rays. If there were any broken bones, they will have healed in the wrong position.

I would suggest taking the bird back to the avian vet so that he can examine her walk.

She may also be in constant pain from the injury which is stopping her from walking properly.

Thanks for getting in contact.

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