Green Cheek Conure noises

by Varg

I just recieved the most beautiful little green cheek from a breeder 3 days ago. He's quite timid when it comes to me trying to put my hand in the cage gently and have him step up. The breeder suggests I just try and gently grab him and he will sit on my hand until I raise him to my shoulder or chest.

My question is about the little noises he makes. Sometimes, he perches up the back of the cage and makes what sound like little quacks. I hear that this is out of possible boredom. I want to play but he's too scared still. What would be a good suggestion or two for this scenario?

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Nov 17, 2012
Green Cheek Conure
by: Anonymous

Hi and Congratulations, I have two parrots myself, but a Sun Conure and an Indian Ringneck that I got only three weeks ago. The other one I have now over one year. I also suggest NO grabbing. My Sun Conure took three months to really feel totally comfy with me and that is just fine however my Indian Ringneck will come to me and that only took a week but she isn't comfy with petting yet. All birds are different. I usually put toys treats and activities next to my new bird and make like I am really busy and paying no mind to my bird, sure enough nosy bird gets closer and closer and gets used to seeing my hand around all of the time, may even touch my hand, eventually the hand is not looked at as something dangerous. With time my bird comes around. Before you know it, you can easily get closer and get your bird to step up. No petting until your bird is totally ready and believe me they let you know. My SunConure hated hands and today she begs for them! lol She loves massages!
Be consistent, be patient and move lightly slowly, gently, I make sure not to do anything that would scare my bird when I am around. We are much bigger than them so movement looks scary from their point of view! good luck!

Nov 17, 2012
New GC Conure help
by: Tracie

I personally would not "grab" the bird. The most important thing you want to do is get your bird to trust you. If the bird feels safe you will be able to train the bird.

We have several training articles on our Parrot Training page. Move slow, if the bird bites you, don't jerk or make a big deal of it, so you both don't scare the bird or entertain the bird so that it thinks biting is a good thing to do. ;-)

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