Green cheek conure outdoor aviary

by Cait

I have a one year old fancy green cheek conure named screamer and he is the love of my life. I am in the process of building an outdoor aviary and I do not know what conure breeds will get along well. Screamer will not be joining my futer feathered friends he loves it inside but can you tell me what breeds get along I'm looking for janday and sun conures and I just need to be sure they won't kill eachother

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May 01, 2010
Green cheek conure outdoor aviary
by: Linda

I'll give you the GENERAL RULES, but since all birds have different likes and dislikes, don't take this as solid gold.

General rule is to NOT put any birds together that are not of the same species, subspecies and size. You are better off to settle on one species, and make sure of the subspecies too and this will work best. YOU DO NOT WANT DIFFERENT SPECIES OR SUBSPECIES BREEDING AS THIS WEAKENS THE GENE POOL AND PRODUCES SICKLY BABIES. When you start trying to mix up species even within the same family, there will be MANY problems. In the wild, birds of the same species and subspecies flock together and do not mingle or breed with other species/subspecies of birds. So try and do this as naturally as is possible.

Your aviary is going to need to be VERY LARGE with an enclosed back part to it outfitted with perches and wired for electricity so birds can stay warm during the winter. You'll need to get someone who knows how to wire for electricity, and then you'll need to get a licensed electrician to sign off on the wiring. With birds, you have to make sure all cords are run in conduit, and any lights that hang are covered with hardware cloth so birds do not have access to either wires, cords or lights. To keep rats and mice out, you're going to need to bury outside wire into a curb of concrete, and the floor needs to be slightly slanted either toward a drain in the middle or toward drainiage out the back. All wood used for framing has to be covered with the hardware cloth to keep birds from chewing the roof down on them, and you will need framing for the outside flight and the inside room. Their food and water can be outside in summer if there is a roof over the top of the flight cage wire. You do not want other birds able to sit on the wire and poop on your birds, their food and water dishes.

Hopefully, you've thought this out down to the last detail because if you do not provide a way to have electric heat for the winter in an enclosed area for sleeping and keeping warm, the birds will die the first winter. Birds have to be acclimated to outside, and it takes a minimum of 3 seasons before you can lower the heat much. You lower heat in 5-10 degree increments NO MORE THAN 10 DEGREES each season not counting the first.


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