green cheek conure strange behaviour

by Stacey

Hi my Crimson Rosella died 3 days ago, I had only had her for a month and ever since she passed my green cheek conure has really changed. I also have a budgie which refuses to come out of his cage (which is normal) and is quite happy to let my conure climg over his cage. I have had the conure for 5 months now. He is starting to be aggressive toward my budgie and screeching like never before, he is constantly preening himself and walking up and down the top of his cage bobbing his head and swaying side to side very slowly which i have never seen him do.

I'm really quite worried because I dont know what my Rosella died from and im hoping it wasnt contagious. I dont know if this is relevant but the rosella used to sit with her beak on the bars of her cage (almost mid-bite) but i didnt think much of it. but when i came to clean her cage i noticed discoloured seed stuck to the bars. Now I have noticed my conure bringing seed up in his mouth and rolling it round but I dont know if this is normal. His feathers are fine and hes not isolating himself but im worried. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Stacey.

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Apr 07, 2010
Bird died and others acting strange
by: Tracie

I am sorry to read about your bird dying. It is possible the bird had a disease that could be passed on to the other birds. In the future, do not bring home a new bird without it seeing an avian vet first.

Dr B can not help you, because he can not examine your birds in person. Please take your birds to see an avian vet for an exam and vaccine.

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