Green Cheek conure travel

by Sammi

Dear Parrot and conure world,

I am planning on getting a baby green-cheek conure (it will be ready to go home sometime in march) but I wanted to get as much research done as possible beforehand so I am not uneducated once I bring baby home.

The question I would like to ask is about travel - I live in an apartment most of the time in Boston MA (I'm a college student) but like to go home on occasion for weekends (at my parent's). It gets very cold in winter (it will be 6 degrees out tomorrow!) and I would like to know the SAFEST way possible to bring baby along since I will not leave it home by itself, and do not have anyone I trust to take care of baby while I'm gone in the area.

Here's the way I travel home to my parent's:

It is about a 10 minute walk from my apartment to the train station. The station I use is an outdoor platform, but if it's really cold outside or windy, etc., I will wait inside on the stairs (but the building itself is all open, the stairwell is just wind-proof). From there its about half an hour on the train (which is of course quite warm) and then I hop right into a car once at my home town's train station.

I was planning on getting possibly a microwaveable heating pad (like one of those lavender satchels - no chemicals!) and wrapping it in a towel and putting it in the travel cage with the birdie as a heat source for the walk (and wait time) to the train. Is this not safe? Is there some other way I should be preparing birdie for travel? (I cannot change my method of going home because I do not always have someone that is willing to drive into Boston to get me :( ). I was also going to buy a "bird hoodie" (a flight suit/diaper I found that is made of fleece) for extra protection along with said towel/lavender satchel. Am I being completely irresponsible? If this is in any way NOT SAFE, is there a method you'd recommend keeping birdie warm for the walk to the train?

My parent's house and my apartment are usually very warm in winter (we're not ones to like the cold - and since my apartment building uses steam heat with pipes running through the units, I do not have a thermostat to control how hot it will get) so I am also concerned about the drastic temperature change :/

If my method of travel is alright, but lavender is NOT o.k. (I've assumed since it's just flowers encased in fabric it would not fall under the "scented candle/aerosol spray category" that IS dangerous) is there something else I could possibly microwave that would generate heat long enough to keep birdie warm?

Thanks very much for your help :)!

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Jun 08, 2009
Green Cheek conure travel
by: Véronique

Dear conure world,

I am planning on traveling with my baby Brazil green-cheek conure to Montreal this July for my birthday. I currently live in Toronto, Canada the trip is approxtimately 5hrs drive

My question is can I travel with him what is the SAFEST way possible to bring baby along since I will not leave it home by itself, and do not have anyone I trust to take care of baby while I'm gone in the area.

This a family trip and my family can't wait to see him as well, please tell me there is way I can bring my baby with me.....

Thank you so much!!!

your assistance is grealty appreciated.


Jan 26, 2009
Walking with bird in cold weather
by: Tracie

Thanks for caring so much that you wrote us for advice. You will be a great bird mom I can tell.

I would not suggest you use anything that has an odor, especially since the bird will be enclosed with it. Scents are usually chemicals, remember that.

I would purchase the Adventure Pack travel cage because it has a canvas cover that you can close your bird up in. It is also a backpack so you can easily carry your bird along with other items.

For warmth, I would either purchase those "bed buddy" things that are filled with grains. You heat them in the microwave. You can even sew your own if you have a way to do that.

Then I would put at least one on the bottom of the cage, under the grate so the bird will not land on it.

Then, you can pin a thin towel around the windows of the cage to insure that wind does not blow into the cage.

Be sure you wait until you arrive at your destination to put any hanging toys in the cage. You don't want your bird to get knocked around by the toy when you are walking. Toys attached to the side of the cage are fine.

You might consider purchasing a Safe Pedicure Perch that will be easy for the bird to hang on to while you are walking.

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