green cheek conure's eye

by shawn espinosa
(chicago, illinois)

i have an eight month old green cheek who i have had for about the last four months. everything has gone well until today... i woke up this morning and noticed that the bird (simon) was closing his right eye but not his left. when i had him on my hand/finger, he would keep the right eye closed and turn around rather than open that eye for very long... looking at it more closely now, with the eye closed, the bottom half of the eyelid looks bruised. could that be possible?

he otherwise seems mostly normal. he's eating and pooping normally, no discharges from anywhere...

anyway, i hope i've given enough information and i appreciate any response i might get.

thank you.


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Jun 27, 2009
Conure with eye problem
by: The Vet

This bird needs to be seen by an avian veterinarian as soon as possible.

Dr B

Jun 25, 2009
by: Linda

Shawn, your Simon needs to see an Avian vet as the eye is possibly infected. Eye infections can also indicate another underlying infection, and a bird vet needs to look at him and do a few tests to see what is wrong.Vet will then prescribe proper medication for him. Don't use any meds you find in pet stores as these can be dangerous if you don't know what kind of infection you are dealing with. The Avian Vet is your best way with this and all other birdy problems.

Just look in your local phone book for Avian vets, and do take him to a trained bird vet as regular vets like for cats and dogs will not know what to do with him, and can do more harm than good. It takes lots of extra school to become an Avian Vet. Make an appointment as soon as is possible because he really needs to be seen soon.

Keep us posted on his progress.


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