Green cheek conures pinkish poop

by Lauren
(Tok, AK)

We have two green cheeked conures. We do not know either one's sex. Their poop is bright pink. Is this because of the fruit pebble bird food? Or maybe the yogurt bites that are for birds that we put in their treat ball?

Thank you
Ps is there an Avian Vet inAlaska?

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Oct 29, 2013
Bird with pink poop
by: Tracie

Yes, it is whatever is red or pink you are feeding your bird. This should set off some alarm bells in your head. This means your bird's tiny organs are trying to remove the chemicals from the food, but are so overwhelmed that the dye can not be removed.

Please convert your bird to a healthier pellet diet, like Harrison's or Roudybush pellets.

Our avian vet, when talking about Zupreem colored pellets, also mentioned, "ZuPreem has lots of sugar which can cause yeast infections and can lead to digestive problems. Also all of the artificial ingredients can cause problems too."

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