Green Cheek Conures....

by Sher
(New Jersey)

My green Cheek Conure is 4 1/2 months old. He wasn't hand fed. He will let me feed him food, but when I try to coax him to step up, or try to pet him he bites, and I mean he Bites, Draws blood. He is also very cage territorial already. I have had him for 10 days.

Please help. I so want to bond with him. He squawks at me, and looks for me, when I come home he is squawking and looking for me at the front of his cage. We eat with him at the table. ( he is in his cage , because right now he won't come near us , just to be with us) we have him in the den with us all the time when we are home. This is normally where we open the cage, and let him out and free to roam .

How can I help him get over his fears, and want to be handled, and cuddled by us?

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Nov 01, 2008
Green Cheek aggressive
by: Tracie

Green Cheeks are nippy even when they are hand fed, so it is not unusual that he is acting this way.

There is too much to say to write here, please read our parrot training articles and see if there is anything there that might help you.

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