green cheek conures

Are green cheek course good pets when tame? What conure would you buy if you want one that is quiet and won't bite as much?

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Jul 06, 2012
green cheek conures
by: Linda

Below is a link for people new to parrots as pets. As Tracie said, they ALL can and do bite and some bite more than others. All parrots can get loud and the Conures, in general, are usually more vocal than quiet. Hopefully, the article will help you with your decision, and know that parrots can be loud, can and do bite and are messy. They require a lot of time and patience and good training and high quality food. They cannot eat a diet made up of seeds and will need to eat organic pellets as 80-85% of their diet. I recommend Harrison's found here as I've fed it to my Amazons for about 20 years, and we have few trips to the Avian Vet.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Also, you will have to have an Avian Vet in your area before you get a bird. They cannot go to regular dog and cat vets as they are not licensed or trained in caring for birds of any species.

Here is link you may find helpful:


Jul 05, 2012
Tame green cheek conure
by: Tracie

Green cheek conures can be nippy birds, as can any bird for that matter. In my experience, even if you purchase a hand tame, just weaned, bird they go through a personality change around 6 months of age.

I suggest you try to find an older green cheek conure that needs a new home. Visit the bird, spend some time holding the bird etc. If possible, visit more than once, so see if the bird responds to you the same way each time.

No matter what though, once you have the bird in your home and the "honeymoon" period is over the bird may become nippy or decide it likes someone else in your home more.

We have some training articles that will help you no matter what on our Parrot Training page and we also have some nutritional articles too that you should read. A healthy bird is a happier bird.

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