Green Cheek Lays First Egg at 21?

by Dee
(Santa Rosa, CA)

I purchased my Green Cheek Conure, Micki from a breeder when he was about 8 weeks old. Micki has been a part of our family for 21 years. We always called him a "he" because he is very vocal and never, ever laid any eggs. Well today we got the suprise of our lives when there was an egg in Micki's cage! He lives all by himself, no other birds in the house at all. We are just baffled. Everything I read says that a female Green Cheek begins laying eggs around 1 year old. But this is his (her?) first one in 21 years! Is this extremely rare? I still can't get used to calling him "her" either. It's so strange.

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Apr 21, 2013
nothing to worry about
by: Anonymous

Generally 1 year old they can lay eggs. All that is saying is 1 year old they are mature enough to lay eggs, it doesn't mean they have to start laying or they will start laying at that age.

You have nothing to worry about. It isn't rare, it isn't something to panic over. She has just laid an egg. It might be her first & last ever egg she lays! Or she might lay again. Some females never lay in their lifetime. Some females lay every year. Some females lay once in a lifetime. Some females lay every now & then only.

If she is sitting on the egg, leave it for her. If you remove the egg you might encourage her to lay another to replace her 'stolen' one. She'll eventually get tired when she realises it won't hatch & leave it, then you can take it out. If she has already deserted the egg you might be able to take it out now.

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