Green Cheek Molting

by Karen

My 8 month old green cheek appears to be molting. There are many feathers appearing on the bottom of his cage & I am noticing a great deal of pin feathers around his head & neck. My question is, will he replace all of his feathers during the molt. He seems to be chewing his tail feathers & I am wondering if these will also be replaced. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Feb 29, 2012
Green Cheek Molting
by: Linda

All feathers are replaced during a molt, and they are done in sections not all at once. You'll usually see wing and tail feathers and then head and body or it can be reversed as there is no rules for this. Now it is getting to be springtime here in the states, so now is the time for molting to begin and it should be done by April. My Amazons have been molting during February as it's been rather warm here, so it can begin earlier or later in colder climes.

If you see any blood or bare spots then you have cause for concern. It a molt goes on and on for months, this is also a cause for concern. Otherwise, a molt is a molt.

Keep in touch and thanks much for caring enough to write to us.


Feb 29, 2012
Molting conure question
by: Tracie

I don't know that birds replace all their feathers in a molt, you certainly don't see all the feathers as pin feathers when they are molting. Your bird may replace it's tail feathers this molt.

Our birds seem to lose their feathers, and get new feathers, all year. There may be times that we see a patch of pin feathers, and this is when we would call it an all out molt. :-)

If you provide a shallow dish of water for a couple of hours a day, then this will help your bird with the molt. Do not leave water in the cage for more than 3 hours though, because birds that drink and bathe in bacteria water often end up with bacterial infections.

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